“I am overstimulated too” – Regulation as a Parent

The 24/7 Job: Parenting. Constantly moving, no break and no time to regulate.  Parenthood is awesome, but it definitely comes with its own challenges. Some days the busy household, screaming, tantrums, high pitched playful noises, partner demands and a stressful day at work, all add up. This reaches a point where you feel as if…

Praxis – What is this and how can I help my child?

Bright Eyes Therapy What is praxis? Praxis is the ability to plan motor actions and to execute those actions in a coordinated way. Praxis is what enables us to DO.  According to Ayers (1985), Praxis in the physical world is what speech is in the social world. Both enable interaction and transactions in the environment.…

HELP!! My kind is ‘n “Picky eater”!

“Picky eating” is ‘n algemene probleem wat ons in Arbeidsterapie sien. “Picky eating” affekteer baie aspekte van ‘n kind, insluitend skoolprestasie, sosiale vaardighede, asook hul funksionering by die huis.  Wat neem ons oor die algemeen waar met “Picky eaters”? Onwilligheid om nuwe kos te probeer  Onwilligheid om te eet  Sterk voorkeure vir sekere kos Verkies…

Looking into a child’s development

Groups offered at schools

When to refer a child for OT?

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