The Vestibular System

What is the Vestibular system?  Like touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision, our vestibular system is one of our sensory systems. The vestibular system is one of the 3 senses that is less spoken about (vestibular, proprioception and interoception). The vestibular system is our movement sense and is stimulated by movement (the receptors are located…

Help your child the OT way

Children are constantly learning new things and exploring the world around them. But what happens when a child is struggling to learn a new concept? This may be colours, their body parts, maths sums or even cursive writing.  As adults we are able to learn concepts by explanation or reading, but for children to optimally…

“I am overstimulated too” – Regulation as a Parent

The 24/7 Job: Parenting. Constantly moving, no break and no time to regulate.  Parenthood is awesome, but it definitely comes with its own challenges. Some days the busy household, screaming, tantrums, high pitched playful noises, partner demands and a stressful day at work, all add up. This reaches a point where you feel as if…

Looking into a child’s development

Groups offered at schools

When to refer a child for OT?

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