Insight into M-sitting through the eyes of an OT

These days we barely have time to sit still for a minute. Grabbing coffee on the run while chasing around between our children’s extra-mural activities, multi-tasking to get through the daily to-do’s and keeping the balance, always keeping the balance, in the hope of giving our children the best life we can offer. When we…

The tactile system

The tactile system is our sense of touch. It gives us information about things that touch our bodies as well as information regarding pressure, texture, vibration, size, shape, pain and temperature (Tara Delany, 2008). The tactile system contributes to the development of fine motor skills, body awareness and motor planning (E. Yack, P Aquilla, &…

Screen Time through an OT lens

Screen time is a topic that makes any parent feel guilty. In this modern era it is impossible to completely avoid screen time, but let’s investigate the effects of screen time and how to implement screen time in an effective way. Remember screen time includes tablets, TV and cellphones.  The following duration of screen time…

Looking into a child’s development

Groups offered at schools

When to refer a child for OT?

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